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It seems each week there are pages upon pages of final regulations coming out from the agencies on PPACA. It has employers struggling to keep up with the changes that need to be implemented and communicated to employees. That’s why audits are so important, to identify areas where the business may be exposed to significant financial penalties for non-compliance. 

  • What happens when that one part-time employee averages more than 30 hours but you didn’t offer him coverage? – YOU ARE SUBJECT TO PENALTY

  • What happens if you don’t budget correctly for those Transitional Reinsurance Fees?– YOU ARE OVERBUDGET 

  • Who is helping your business identify and remedy these risks?

Evolution Benefits Consulting has developed a unique PPACA audit to assist with the following:

Review of plan/coverage options

Assess the affordability of the health coverage under one of the IRS’ affordability safe harbors 

Determine whether the plan(s) provides minimum value

Confirm plan(s) satisfy minimum essential coverage rules

Identify areas of potential penalties

Cadillac tax projection


Information Systems / Process and Procedures

Will you use a monthly measurement or lookback and stability period process and will your current systems support those decisions?

Review test cases to ensure that data reporting of hours is accurate

Confirm that the TIN collection / 2nd request process meets require “good faith effort” 

Will internal or external reporting be used for the 6055/6056 reporting


Document review

Verify plan documents are amended to comply with eligibility for new hires and rehires?

Review collective bargaining agreements for compliance


In addition, we provide on-going updates on evolving regulation and new compliance strategies in a concise format.