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Enrollment & Communication Services

Customized Communication Materials

We will develop customized communications materials to ensure your employees understand their benefit options.  We can also arrange for these materials to be mailed to employees’ homes.

Communication does not end when open enrollment is over: Our communications staff designs and distributes periodic HR/Benefits newsletters to support ongoing employee communication needs.

Retiree Benefits

We understand that the communication of retiree benefit programs has unique needs and challenges. Evolution Benefits Consulting will work with you to better understand your retirees’ needs and customize a communication campaign to accomplish set goals. We have the capabilities and proven strategies to best meet your needs.


We understand that successful associations focus their resources on the ability to successfully deliver an ongoing communication strategy to your members and deliver an easily understood enrollment process. At Evolution Benefits Consulting, we have experience delivering customized enrollment strategies and communication campaigns to our association clients.

We also have a dedicated team that will be assigned to work directly with the association on an ongoing basis and provide the support necessary to run a successful program.

We can also assist with:

  • Surveys and Focus Groups
  • HR/benefits branding
  • Communication strategy development
  • Personalized total compensation statements
  • Compliance communications (SPDs, handbooks, etc)
  • Web site design and content development
  • Wellness newsletters and flyers