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Population Health Management

By making health promotion a primary health care goal, preventable costs will become exactly that: prevented. Evolution Benefits Consulting is so committed to our clients’ well being that we have an in-house wellness and communications consultant. Our consultant will help you formulate your company’s health goals, as there is a broad spectrum of health promotion goals that employers can initiate for their employees.

Wellness Services:

  • Create a multi-disciplinary task force with strong senior management support
  • Create metrics of success – these should be measurements that are easy to obtain and correlate to medical cost savings, absence reduction, and productivity increases.
  • Protect confidentiality of data and ensure employees on safeguards and compliance with national health information protection guidelines.
  • Analyze claims data – how many of your employees are not getting preventive services or adequate chronic condition management?
  • Develop effective program design and project management.
  • Procure best-in-class vendors and guarantees.
  • Design effective communications.
  • Identify and Promote appropriate behaviors.
  • Measure savings and refine program parameters.

Employers can create a substantial competitive advantage through a culture that produces healthy, happy, and productive employees. By investing time and energy into promoting your employees’ health, instead of simply reacting to the increased health costs, you will save money…and people.