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Private Exchange with Full Administrative Platform

As an Evolution Benefits client, you will have exclusive access to the Evolution Benefits Healthcare Exchange. This is a private benefits marketplace, providing lower healthcare costs and greater plan options to your employees.

Lower Costs 

With over 12,000 members currently on the exchange platform, this is a proven and cost-effective solution. Employers who utilize the Evolution Benefits Healthcare Exchange can reduce their employee benefit costs and control future increase using a defined contribution approach.

Reduce Administration

Let’s face it, your company was not established to administer and control benefit costs. Now you will be able to implement a delivery system for your employees that require almost no management from you, in less than 90 days.

Provide Choice 

Create a customized, private benefits marketplace through the Evolution Benefits Healthcare Exchange. Your employees will enjoy more carrier and plan choices and reduced costs. They can also select from a wide array of voluntary benefits they may find valuable. Employees can choose exactly what meets their needs.

Health Care Reform 

All plans available in the Evolution Benefits Healthcare Exchange are fully compliant with the Affordable Care Act. In fact, you will have access to an expert compliance team to help guide you now and in the future.