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Our Consulting Philosophy

Evolution Benefits Consulting specializes in providing cost-effective, strategic health and welfare benefit advisory services to employers. Our mission is to partner with employers to maximize the return on investment for their benefits-related expenses. We have an established reputation for providing leading edge, responsive solutions to the unique demands of our clients.

Our experience, objectivity, and knowledge of the market coupled with our analytical tools, evaluation models, and insight allow our clients to make informed benefit decisions.

We recognized a need in the marketplace and have made a commitment to provide our clients with the greatest value and impact for their investment. We focus our efforts in assessing the critical needs of the particular client without wasting time, effort or money.

Our Value Proposition

Evolution Benefits Consulting delivers value to clients from three interrelated sources:

Experience: We have more than 40 years of consulting experience with major consulting organizations. We have worked at premier firms for top clients with complex requirements.

Approach: We are flexible in our work style- equally comfortable in leading projects, or serving as an extension of your team. We form working partnerships with our clients.

Cost: We have eliminated nearly all unnecessary overhead cost from our organization so you save. Our fees are less than 50% of those of the major firms.

Evolution Benefits Consulting has also established a network of professional consultants with complementary capabilities and services in such areas as actuarial and recordkeeping compensation, talent management, communications and legal that allows us to offer our clients a wide range of HR resources and solutions.

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